CH Homerbrent Roteki

My search for a chin to start my breeding stopped instantly when I layed eyes on Roteki (Tina). Tina gave me goose skin. She was everything I thought a correct chin should look like and till today I treasure her as the blueprint for: small, dainty and still proper in type and construction. I wasn't able to get Tina or her pretty sister Ria but I realized that day that had I found my type of Chins in the Homerbrent line.

CH Homerbrent Ryoryo

Ria, together with her sister Tina are my blueprints for a correct Chin bitch. Ria was very dark in her markings but apart from that she was true to standard. Very cobby, beautiful set of legs and so feminine in appearance.

CH Daigoro van Senzai-Shu

You couldn't overlook Daigoro when he entered the ring. Small, but gosh was he pretty! He demanded attention. His whole attitude, beautiful coat, his pretty face and stylish movement.
Like Roteki, Daigoro showed me that it was possible to breed a small Chin without loosing type, attitude and style. Daigoro was bred by Mrs Steinmeyer, owner of the welknown "van Senzai-Shu" kennel in The Netherlands.

CH Homerbrent Sibai

Sibai became an English Champion but after this proved to be one of the best stud dogs the breed has known. One of his sons, CH Fralee Mask of Miko (bred by Mrs T. Fraser) won Crufts three times and was "crowned" BOB at the 2005 Centenary of Independence Champion Club Show BOB by judge Tom Mather.

CH Yorchris First Choice

Henry was bred by Mrs Partington-Palmer(UK) and sold to Anne Botten in Norway.
He has always struck me with his beautiful style and elegance, his appearance is really "Royal". He has proven to be a superb stud dog. Many champion children in Scandinavia and his son Chinart Takai turned out to be a corner stone in our breeding program.

CH Alstella Yoshua

Eole de la Brebissoniere

The two red boys CH Alstella Yoshua (UK) and Eole de la Brebissoniere (France) are both ambassadors for the beauty of a red and white Chin. Yoshua came from a very strong family that have produced some of the best reds in the UK. Eole is bred in France from English parents. Both dogs show a "red and white" Chin in a "black and white" package. (It is very difficult to have a red and white that is only by colour red and white. So often they have incorrect ear placements and other "peke-like" features.)
Both dogs have proven to be of outstanding use as stud dogs too.

Elena Shevchenko with her CH Aiken Getin Sakuratera (holding) and CH Jamato Jamaguti (on her lap) and Aiken standing.

In the early 90ties we met Elena on an International dog show in Europa. Elena showed two Chins that really took my breath away. They turned out to be children from two Japanese imports. Brought to Russia by Russian diplomats who returned home from their duty in Japan. They form the corner stones of Elena's Hin Satori kennel that is based in St. Petersburg, Russia.

CH Jamato Jamaguti (left), CH Aiken Getin Sakuratera (right)

Ch Hin Satori Zyu Hi
When our Brutus became a World Champion at the World Show in Amsterdam he had to give way for the BOB to Elena's outstanding Zyu Hi. Zyu Hi was shown in Youth Class and got his Junior World Title that day.
Zyu Hi carries Jamato Jamaguti and Aiken Getin Sakuratera in his pedigree and for us he is one that comes as close as possible to the standard, showing superb Japanese type, attitude, coat and soundness. All in a small package! We are lucky to have his daughter Hin Satori Marja Tsarevna.

CH Hin Satori Yahoo Homerbrent

Yahoo came to live with us for the period of his English quarantine. We were able to use him in this period and his children Korolevich and Bientje are doing ever so well in the show ring.
In England Yahoo became a Champion in record time and was UK's Top Chin for 2004.

Homerbrent Komedi

Whenever I feel the need to cheer up I look at this picture. Little Didi, she always makes me smile.... Is there a better picture to express the beauty of a Chin?
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