At this page you can read all about our Chin girls, showing their little hearts out at various shows. New for 2010 is of course the arrival of King Charles Whitney....

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Before the arrival of Whitney the King Charles, we did attend one show in the north of Holland. Our first show in 2010 was the CAC/CACIB show in Groningen....


A very exciting show to look forward to as Mrs Pennington of the Tudorhurst fame was going to judge the Chins.
We had only entered Mila. She is still in Youth Class and we try to gain the Youth CAC's in order to make her Dutch Youth Champion. There was plenty of time to excersise a bit and get Mila used to the noises and other dogs.

Even if you think highly of your own dog (ahum), hearing it from somebody like Mrs Pennington is a thrill. Especially Mila's wonderful "look of astonishment" was expressed in the judging report and we can only agree with this.

Mila got the CAC (too young for the CACIB) and the BOB. Getting the BOB worried me as she is just starting to like showing and having to compete in the large FCI Group 9, with all the noise, loud speakers and light effects..., not something you are waiting for when you are showing an an experienced young dog. No surprise she did not want to show herself in the Ring of Honor but we are thrilled with the CAC!


International Championship Show KC Rijnland

Finally Whitney the Charlie had come over from the UK with her breeder Ros Baker. We have been looking forward to this moment so much. Whitney blends in with our group just fine and had no trouble showing at her first Dutch show. We decided that Ros would show her as it was only for 2 days that they were in Holland and Whitney would be more confident showing with Ros then with me.

Sweet Whitney waiting for her turn in the show ring...

We had her entered in Youth Class. She did ever so well and showed lovely tail action all the time when she was in the ring.

Judge Rob Douma being ever so sweet to both Ros and Whitney..

Ros couldn't believe it: "He even dictated the report in English for me...!!!",
Yes my dear, that's what we call hospitality in Holland!

Ros was so pleased with Whitney's behaviour. Lets hope we can live up to her expectations in showing Whitney....
The lovely presentation got rewarded with the CAC and BOB and we had a hard time getting Ros from her "cloud 9"!

In Chins we had entered little Susume. The judge for Chins was Mrs Pamela Runderkamp. Mrs Runderkamp loves a nice little package of breed type and we had high hopes she would like Susume. It was Susumes her first show and to be honest our hopes were not too high knowing our Susume!!! She just hates big dogs and screams like a pig being killed when she is cornered by one.
Arriving in time we were able to train our little monster a bit and crossed our fingers going in.

She wasn't too keen walking but on the table she stood like a little madam, wagging her tail and fully melting the heart of judge Pamela Runderkamp.

She got her first CAC! At the age of just 9 months... Is there a better way to start a show career?

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