After all the hard work on the house (almost all our spare time for almost 1 year!!) we've been looking forward to the dog shows so much! Finally, at the end of the year we managed to get to three shows we thought we couldn't stay away from.

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Dutch Dwarf Spaniel Club
Championship Club Show

The first show we attended was our breed club championship show. The show was held a couple of weeks before the World Show in Bratislava and we thought it would be a nice training for Mila who we had entered in Puppy Class at the World Show. Judge at the club show was Mrs Cirman from Slovenia.

Like her mum Emy, Mila was not sure if she liked the whole show scene. She managed to walk well and was all right on the table but it all still looked as if she could imagine better things to spend her time with. But keeping Emy in mind (when we started showing her we had big doubts if she would ever get acquainted to the show scene and now she shows like a dream) we think Mila will be all right in a couple of shows.

Mila being brave in the ring for just a while and then....

it is much saver to cling to your daddy!

We were happy with the result. Mila was Best Puppy in Breed, so we went with good hopes to the World Show.....


World Dog Show

The World Show took place in Bratislava but we decided to stay in Austria's capital city Vienna for the time of the show. We had planned a weeks holiday, together with several "doggy" friends from all parts of Europe. Toy day was on Sunday the 11th of October 2009 so leaving Holland on Thursday gave us plenty of time to look around in Vienna. What would be a better place to gather then super romantic Vienna with its palaces, the world famous opera house and its wonderful Jugendstill houses.

There were 64 Chins entered under Mrs Jílková Zdena from the Czech Republic. As to be expected the majority of the entries came from Eastern European countries. With a large entry from Russia. Imagine a 5 days coach travel to get to the show..., talking about dedication!

Best Dog and BOB went to a stunning dog owned by Marco Piovano from Italy. Best Bitch became our lovely red and white CH Erine od Dvou Orechú bred by Olga Dolejšová. We are so happy to be able to win this world title for Olga. Try to imagine how life has been for decades when the iron curtain was still there. It was almost impossible for breeders like Olga to continue breeding because it was impossible to get new blood. Olga applied every 5 years for a visa to travel to her brother in Germany. By then her brother would have bought a new dog for her to take back home and continue breeding with. Our Emy is the result of very careful breeding and working with the best you were able to get. I am so proud that have been able to help Olga and the win was very emotional for both of us.

on the table to be judged...

World Winner 2009!...

an emotional moment for Olga and what a great win for her after all these years of hard work...

But not only Emy did well. We also showed her daughter Mila in Puppy Class. It was a nice large class and Mila showed well. She finished first and after competing with the best boy pup (a lovely red and white puppy boy from Elena Shevchenko) Mila ended with Best Puppy in Breed.

Olga holding Emy and me with precious Mila..

certainly a day to remember...



Amsterdam's International Championship Show

Having judged the Chins at last years Winner Show, so missing out on any eventual titles, we were looking forward to this years. It was a very a special occasion as Molly was judging the Cavaliers and Chins. We decided to enter two girls, Michiko in Puppy and Mila in Junior Class.

First one to go in was Michiko. It was her first show and it was nasty of us to wait until the "Big Winner Show" for taking her to a show. Everything was new to her, all the noises, the lights etc. But she managed fine and in time she will come to terms with the show scene.
Although Michiko is a bigger girl, everything on her fits and we feel she has a lot to like. She has a nice balance, moves very sound and icing on the cake is her sweet face.

She did well, walked just enough to see her lovely movement and on the table she was fine too. Glad to say that she became Best Puppy in the breed.

Mila did well too and showed -despite her owners nervous and bad handling- with enough confidence. She won the Junior Class and this gave her the title of Junior Winner 2009.

Our friend Mady Jochems had entered her junior champion bitch Chinart Anna Pavlovna in the Intermediair Class. Anna has done very well this past year. Already enough CAC's to be a champion but too young to finish. Some of her wins were even with BOB. We are very proud of Anna's wins and Mady presents and shows her to perfection.
Also today and Anna won the CAC for bitches, with the res.CAC going to Mila.
Anna is the daughter of Bientje and Taru and for sure is following her mums foot prints in the show ring. She shows ever so well and forms -together with Mady- a very nice combi that for sure will continue winning at high international show level.


Well this is it for 2009. Not a lot of shows attended but those we did we did well. We are looking forward to 2010. After 6 years of absence our household will finally have a King Charles Spaniel again. Her name is Cofton Share My Dream and she is bred by Ros Baker in the UK. It will certainly be a "dream to share". Ever since the death of our beloved King Charles "Quintin" at the age of 14 (!) life without a Charlie feels bad. Hopefully we will be able to campaign her for Ros to the title of Dutch Champion.

so we do have -besides our Chins- something very special to look forward to in 2010!!

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