Well a new year.... Last year ended so well with Nezumi's res. Best Puppy in Sow ate the Amsterdam Winner Show and Bientje gaining the CAC-CACIB and this made her International Champion.

So how do you start a new show season?

You invite some good friends to come and stay and together go to the first CACIB show in Holland......


International Championship Show

We started 2008 by entering Emy at Eindhoven. Her breeder Olga Dolejšová had to judge at Eindhoven so for the occasion Eva Franceová joined Olga in her journey to Holland and both came to visit us and gave 2008 a real good "doggie" start.

Judge for the day in Chins was Hans Hilverda. Emy was entered in Youth Class. Sad enough our rings were on the second floor with an open balcony on one side of the ring. Needless to tell you how a "red head" like Emy react to this... Yes, pulling away from it.
So not the best of performance and Emy ended up gaining the res.CAC. But the CAC was won by a real beauty...hmm, very well deserved, man has to be honest here!!

Darling Emy , being a bit insecure on the day


International Championship Show

Saturday the first of March we had the CACIB show in Groningen, in the north of Holland. Judge for the Chins was Bas Bosch, THE authority on flat faced breeds in our part of Europe. So well worth driving all the way up north and show Nezumi in Youth Class...

Unfortunately Chins were judged first and poor Nezumi wasn't ready at all!! She is one that has to sit and take it in easy and on her own terms. So she did walk but nothing special or dynamic like she did at the Winner. Grr, here you see how easily things can turn around!!
But she performed well, but not good enough to even compete with the CAC winner in dogs. So "only" the CAC but this already delighted us!

Daddy... help!

Bas Bosch explaining his choice in placing the BOB and the Opposite Sex

The dog who won the BOB is Petra van den Beuken's male Keizan van Senzai-Shu. A new star in Holland. Only a young dog but constantly winning when shown. Lovely attitude with lots of style. Petra has a ball showing him around Holland, Germany and Belgium. Keizan is already Dutch Youth Champion and has a great future ahead of him.


International Championship Show

One of Hollands outside shows for this year was Hulten. Held on the 14th and 15th of June. The weather was lovely, althought we did put up our "expo tent". Judge for the day was tou breed specialist Mrs Zwaardman.

We had entered our red head Emy in the Open Class. She can be difficult to show but this day she was in a good mood and liked the show.
This showed in her placings: Best Bitch and BOB. This win was her second CAC and first CACIB

this picture is not taken on the day but at home showing Emy in full glory....



Stockholm, July 2008

We had Nezumi entered for the World Show in Sweden but sadly she had dropped all her coat and was too bold looking to even considder bringing her. So instead of showing we went for a nice relaxing short break.

Peter Gustafsson and Per Wallentin, owners of Chinart Kokuo-No, had invited us to stay for the week and we had rented a huge house on one of the islands before the coast of Stockholm. It was lovely and very good to have as a base to visit the town and go to the show. Peter had entered his Kokuo-No(Koko) so in a way we did have a dog at the show but in a far more relaxing way then showing the dog yourself! Koko was entered in the Junior Class and the judge was Mrs Sporre-Willes from Sweden.

The Junior Class was a good class and Koko showed his little heart out. He was so well presented by his owner too and we felt realy proud. Even more proud when Koko was awarded the first place and got his Junior World Title!!! Wow!

Koko in the ring, so well presented and full of attention to his owner...

Koko with the other winners for 2008

The other winners were:
Best Dog and BOB: CH Aikemuno Nissan Blue-Berd. This dog also got the Title in Poland when our Bientje won the BOB over him.
Best Bitch: CH Okotan Kirei-Na, the lovely bitch from Finland who was BOB at Crufts 2004
Junior World Champion: NORDJV-07 Chinart Kokuo-No
Junior World Chamion bitch: Tsuki

No need to say how delighted and proud we are. For Chinart this is the 3rd World Title!
But Koko is so much loved and treasured by Peter and Per and this is even of more importance to us!. Thanks boys!!!!

Back home he is the sweet pet again and he lives happely together with Marja, another Chinart.

Koko and his big love Marja...



Another Chinart who lives abroad and who is doing well...........

We exported Chinart Anjin-Na (Elliott) to Shauna Chapman in Canada. Elliott is not only a Canadian Champion but also an Obedience and Agility Champion.

In the first weekend of August 2008 he won at the very prestegious Calgary All Breed Show the BOB and in the same weekend at the Canadian Japanese Chin Club Specialty Show he won an Award of Merit.

Elliott at 18 months of age...

Shauna you make us so proud!!

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