2007 will be a more quiet year regarding dog shows. Korolevich is retired and Bientje sits home playing house. We will concentrate on showing Homerbrent Tekitoo-Na and the two youngsters High Chins Yuki-Onna and Rossyn Yoshima. We hope to breed some nice litters in the spring and concentrate on raising the pups and be able to select a wonderful show team for the 2008 shows.


International Championship Show

On sunday the 4th of february 2007 Teki won his fourth Dutch CAC and his third CACIB at the International Championship Show in Eindhoven.

Judge for the day was the Dutch Toy Specialist Mrs Ineke Zwaardman, well know for her "Het Zwaard" whole colour Cavaliers and Tibetan Spaniels.

Teki's win crowned him DUTCH CHAMPION and this is achieved in just 6 shows. His four CAC wins were all with BOB.
His best win -so far- was of course on june 25th 2006 when he won the res. BIS at the Flevo Dog Show in Almere. This was the second time in history of the Dutch Kennel Club that a Japanese Chin won such high honor. The premier for this was done a couple of months before when his kennel mate Korolevich won at the International Dog Show in Goes. (see show results of 2006!!)


Teki was not the only one we showed. We also had entered High Chin's Yuki-Onna(Tjorven).
It was Tjorven's first show and she wasn't exactly thrilled with it but decided to show herself in the end. She ended up with the CAC for bitches. (She's too young for the CACIB)
Mrs Zwaardman mentioned Tjorven's well constructed and balanced body in her report and we can't agree more!

Tjorven,Teki and judge Mrs Ineke Zwaardman

What a lovely way to start showing in 2007. We will attend several other shows so....



The 8th Dutch Toy Breed Championship Show was held on the 11th of February in Zutphen.

In Holland we have 29 different breeds in our Toy Group and every other year the Dutch Kennel Club allows a Championship Show to be held.

We had entered two Chins, CH Homerbrent Tekitoo-Na (Teki) and High Chins Yukki-Onna (Tjorven). Judge for the Chins this year was Mrs. M. Thorpe from Ireland.

Teki was in his element on the day and showed his little heart out. His performance resulted in the CAC for the dogs and later on again in the BOB.

Poor Tjorven showed very bad and refused to carry her tail properly. This naturally resulted in a "Very Good" placement. (Gaining a Very Good means no competing for the CAC in Bitches). We realized we have a problem here as she wasn't too pleased at her first show in Eindhoven the week before. So more training should be done with her and for now we decided to keep her at home till her temperament has improved.

Some shots from Teki competing in the Group..., such a good lad!

For the BIS competition all BOB's from the Toy Group Breeds come together, so 29 in total.
Teki did very well here and ended up 5th BIS. For Teki this was his final Dutch show and he now will go back to Molly in the UK.


International Championship Show

On saturday 24th we attended Leiden's International Dog Show. We had been especially looking forward to this show as breed specialist Bas Bosch was judging the Chins.
For this occasion we thought it would be nice to have Rossyn Yoshima's show debut.

With her 10 months we had entered her in Youth Class. Yoshie liked the show, what an relieve...., after the two show experiences we had before with Tjorven. Hopefully Yoshie will continue enjoying the show. She did so well and truly showed her little heart out. Sadly no pictures from the show. We have baby chins (!) so Ingrid stayed home to take care of them and she normally takes the pictures...!

But.... entered in Youth Class, little Yoshie was placed with a 1st excellent and ended up with the CAC for bitches.
Competing for the BOB she managed to get this as well. Not bad for a 10 months old girl!!! No need to say how proud we are.

As we have no show picture but still want to share Yoshie's pretty face.....

Yoshie at 9 months


Almere's National Championship Show

On june 16th we went with Yoshie to Almere's National Championship Show. Judge for the day was Mrs.Pamela Runderkamp from the Netherlands. We have been looking forward to this show as it in one of Hollands very few outside Championship Shows.
But...., we do live in Holland and our country is well known for it's rainy weather. For Ingrid being in the USA to visit her daughter we traveled together with Marja Vermolen(who breed Maltese). To be well prepared for the weather we decide to invest in one of these party tents. What a good decision this was! The weather changed from rain to shine but we had a comfortable place and our dogs kept well dry!

Marja had a good day, with her Maltese she managed to win with her Youth Class bitch her class and later on with her Champion bitch she won the CAC, the BOB and later on the 9th place in the Toy Group.

left, Marja's youth bitch and right her champion girl winning her BOB

We also did very well. Yoshie was entered in Youth Class and she won from this class the CAC for bitches and later on competing for the BOB, she also managed to win this.
Now it was up for the Group. Yoshie was only around 11 months on the day and had to compete with 29 lovely toy breeds. We were d delighted when judge Mrs. Runderkamp decided she was worth to gain a 7th place in the Toy Group.
Truly a day to remember!!

Yoshie winning her second BOB, at her second(!) show, from Mrs. Pamela Runderkamp


Echt's International Championship Show

On july 1st we went to Echt's International Championship Show. Judge for the day was the well known all round judge from Belgium, mr. August de Wilde. Again an outside show and again Marja and I decided not to take the risk in getting one of Hollands famous rain showers over us and took the party tent with us. This item is now getting very popular at our dog shows and the show ground looked like a real camping place. With narrow streets were people were walking their dogs and neighbors were chatting. Only the barbecue was missing!

We still had Yoshie entered in Youth Class and from this class she won the CAC for bitches. The BOB went to Chin in Wonderland Etoshio, bred by Doris Nolf from Belgium and owned by the Von Reifra Kennels in The Netherlands.

This third CAC win for Yoshie made her a Dutch Youth Champion, a new title given by the Dutch Kennel Club for winners who have been placed "1st Excellent" in the Youth Class. Together with the title comes a full CAC, so Yoshie now has 4 CAC's to her credit. Not bad for a 12 months old girl!



In september we entered Homerbrent Yasumi at the International Championship Show in Maastricht. Kitty is now over 27 months of age and could finish her Dutch title.The judge for the day was mr. Baskaran Soto from Spain.

It is always "fingers crossed" when we show Kitty as she get easily spoked and suddenly decides showing is NOT her thing. But today she was relaxed and showed herself lovely on the move. The table was a "no no" so we were very pleased when mr. Baskaran Soto decided to give her the CAC/CACIB.

We are happy to say that Kitty is now a Dutch Champion. This is done in only 4 shows with doing "the double" at Amsterdam Winner Show when she won the Youth Winner and Winner title.




One of Hollands last shows for this year is the International Dog Show Bleiswijk. We had entered two bitches, Bientje (in the hope to finish her International Champion) and our new red head Emy. Judge for the day was the well known Dutch Toy Breed specialist Hans Boelaars.

First to be shown was Emy. She was entered in the Youth Class. We did know what to expect of her. In the group, at home, she is very out going and demands attention 24 hours.
For a moment she wasn't sure what to think of so many dogs, the barking and people hassle but then she changed her mind and decided to go for it. She is such small specimen but took the ring with the grandeur of a Great Dane. Demanding attention, even from the judge and did the judge loved her? Emy was rewarded with "Excellent".
The first excellent given to the breed for the day(!) and we were sooooo proud!

Now it was Bientjes time. We had entered her in the Champion Class and she, as ever, took the ring with grace. An "Excellent" grading for her too and because the other females were rewarded "Very Good" the CAC competition was between Emy and Bientje.

Mr Boelaars decided on Bientje for the CAC/CACIB and gave Emy the res. CAC. Because non of the entered males were rewarded with "Excellent" there was no competition for the BOB, this automatic went to Bientje. (She is already a Dutch Champion which means that her full CAC passes on to the reserve winner, in this case Emy).

Bientjes win gave her a new title to add to the many she already has, the one of Inter- national Champion. Needless to say how happy we are with this, such wonderful day!



Amsterdam's International Championship Show

On Saturday the 24th of November we had our last dog show (that we had entered) for this year. It was the Amsterdam Winner, Holland's most important show. A show as important as England's Crufts and America's Westminster. A show really to look forward to and so we did. We had entered two girls, Bientje and Nezumi. For Nezumi it would be her show debut.Normally we do not show puppies but Nezumi is so special that we thought showing her in Puppy at the Winner would be a lovely way to start your show career.
Judge for the day was Mr. Pieter Burema from the Netherlands, a well now toy judge and specialist in the Shih Tzu.

Nezumi was so sweet and she showed as if she has done it for many times yet. But it was her first time and we couldn't believe her natural way of presenting herself. She was full of self confidence and wrapped the judge around her little paw!

being judged at the table

She became Best Puppy in the breed had to compete for BPS later on in the day.....

Now it was Bientjes turn. We had her entered in the hope to get her last CACIB to make her International Champion too, but this she had already gained at Bleiswijk, the show before. So in a way it was just a fun day out for her.

Saying this..., Bientje was in full speed on the day. As if she knew it didn't matter she was gay and happy, what the heck, hé?
She shook her had as she use to and off she went...., her old self demanding every bodies attention. And so she was able to get the CAC/CACIB for bitches plus the WINNER 2007. What more could we have asked for..!

Bientje showing her little heart out...., again!

Now back to Nezumi...

We were a little worried to go into the main ring. All these large breeds, the noise and the size of the ring but Nezumi acted as if it was a daily ritual for her to walk in this huge ring. Like her 1/2 sister Bientje she shook her head and off she was... The more noise, the more fun it was for her!
In the end she managed to make it all the way up to res Best Puppy in Show ! She had a ball ..., I thought I was dying of happiness!

So this was it for Chinart in 2007. A year certainly to remember too. Next year will be exciting too. We have a very interesting show team in Chinart Nezumi, Chinart Togarashi, Rossyn Yoshima and the little red and white Erine od Dvou orechou.

So we close this page with a very pretty face and hope you will continue to follow our in and outs in 2008....

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