As mentioned earlier, in 2006 we will concentrate on achieving both Korolevich and Bientjes International Champion status.

For this reason we had entered the Paris Dog Show in France on january the 8th.
Judge for the occasion was Jean Blangino from France.

    Korolevich won his first French CAC and later the res. CACIB.
    Bientje also won her first French CAC and later the CACIB.

The BOB for the day was Mrs Marcinkowski's beautiful sable boy CH Fuinrando Viking Line. A well deserve win, lovely shade of red with wonderful pigmentation. Fuinrando Viking Line is already an International Champion so the full CACIB will pass on to Korolevich.
So it turned out a day well spend. Korolevich and Bientje both need four CACIB's to become International Champion. With the two they won in Paris they are already half way!


On 26-02-'06 we visited the 41e Flanders Dog Show in Gent, Belgium.
Judge for the occasion was mr. Jean Blangino from France.
This time Korolevich got the full CAC, CACIB and BOB.
We also showed Bientje and she won the CAC, CACIB on offer. Not a bad day for the two!
We now have to concentrate on their last CACIB somewhere in december to finish them properly.


At 19 march 2006, Korolevich won at the International Dog Show Goes (The Netherlands), 1800 dogs entered, the CAC, CACIB and BOB from the Open Class.
Bientje won the CAC, CACIB on offer for the bitches, also from Open Class.

Judge for the breed was mr. H. Boelaars (NL)

It was an extra special win as in The Netherlands dogs have to be over 27 months of age to be able to finish their Champion status.
Korolevich is now 30 months so this win made him (with already 8 CAC on his record) a Dutch Champion.

Following up, shown in the Toy Group (judge mr. H. Boelaars (NL)), Korolevich won the Group and when competing for BIS (judge mr A. De Wilde (B) we got as far as Reserve BIS!!!!.

Picture with BIS judge mr A. de Wilde and medal for winning the Toy Group

Winning the Toy Group was already super. Little Korolevich wrote history for the breed last sunday as he is the first Chin in Holland to achieve this Honor. But winning res. BIS at an International Championship Show is something that still has to sink in a little more before we can believe it.


On saturday the 3rd of June 2006 both Teki (Homerbrent Tekitoo-Na) and Kitty (Homerbrent Yasumi) made their debut in the Dutch show world. Shown under "flat face" breed specialist Bas Bosch we had high hopes for both.

Both were rewarded with the CAC on offer. Teki, shown in Open Class, also added the CACIB title plus the BOB to his credit. Later shown in the Group he was selected for the first nine.
Mr Bosch his comments on Kitty made us really happy. In his critics he wrote that Kitty shows lots of quality. Her head has the typical scull structure and she has an exceptional eye, lovely neck and overall balance. Hmm, that made our day!!!

Teki been judged by Mr. Bas Bosch and later shown in the Group Ring

Teki, free standing in the big ring, he just love to pose is pretty face....


Championnat de France des Chiens de Race

In the weekend of the 17/18th of june the French kennel Club held their annual Championship Show in Le Bourget (Paris). In order to become a French Champion one need to win the ticket here on the Breeds Championship Show. This means that only 4 Chins a year can become a French Champion. In other words...a REAL important show!!
Chins were judged on saturday the 17th by breed specialist Mme. CÚline Botussi. We had entered Korolevich and Bientje. They both had won a French CAC in january so our hopes were high.

How lucky we were with both dogs winning the CAC on offer. This means that both can now be finished a French Champion and we hope to do so in 2006.

Mme. CÚline Botussi, Bientje, me and Korolevich

What and wonderful day it turned out to be! The wins for the day were as followed:
Korolevich CAC/res.CACIB



On 24 en 25 june 2006, we had a lovely outside show in Almere, Holland largest city development in the new land of the Flevopolders. It was a hot day but luckily all judging took place in airy tents so no dog had to stand in full sun and this was good.

Judge for the day was Toy Breed specialist Mr Peter Prins and we had entered Kitty and Teki under him.
Both won the CAC on offer and from the two, Teki got the BOB. Kitty who is still apprehensive at shows liked the event and showed really well. So this was a good start of a day that would only become better.

For the Toy Group mr Pieter Burema was invited. Mr Burema is a breed specialist for Shih Tzu and now a well respected toy breed judge. He rewarded Teki's qualities with a GROUP I.

Mr Burema judging Teki on the move.

The BIS judging was done by Mr M. van de Weijer and considering the heat, Teki only loved it more and more and really showed -so to speak- his little heart out.

Mr van de Weijer having a good look at all his Group Winners.

Hmm, who are you?

Finally, we ended up Res. BIS, what a day!!

This is Tekis's first Group and Res. BIS win and considering it is only his second show here in Holland we are delighted. Winning the CAC here already made him half way his Dutch Champion status so we XXX our fingers for the up coming shows.


Exposition Canine Internationale
DOUAI 2006

On sunday the 16th of July we had a VERY special day. We had entered both Korolevich and Bientje at the International Dog Show of Douai in France. Judge for the day was madame Sylvie Desserne, well known for her world famous "de Vilflorianne" King Charles Spaniels and specialist in flat faced breeds. It was an extreme hot day and looking at the pictures now, I still wonder how I managed to keep showing with my suite on! But is was all well worth the trouble.....

Waiting for the judging at ring side with our "mental coach" Ingrid.

Mrs. Desserne going over the dogs. First Korolevich, second Bientje.

This was their third show in France this year and having won the previous two it could mean that winning in Douai would make them definitive French Champions.
How delighted we were by getting both CAC's and both CACIB's for the day. With Korolevich getting the BOB over his half sister.

We would like to thank Mrs. Desserne for this very memorable day. Hard to forget and highly treasured!!!

Korolevich, Bientje, Mrs Desserne and me.




On 26-08-'06 we visited the Ahoy Dog Show in Rotterdam. A special day as Bientje was on the day 28 months and could finish her Dutch title if she got -at least- a reserve CAC. We also showed Teki but kept in mind that, with Teki loosing so much coat during this extreme hot summer, top honors for him on the day might be not the case.

Sometimes you know that a happy day out is not going to be a happy day out and looking at the following pictures I realize that I've been lucky not to be send out of the ring because of my extreme moody appearance. But sometimes personal circumstances can not be solved by gayly going to a dog show. Next time I will wear a mask..., I promise!

Judge for the day was mr. Hans Hilverda from the Netherlands.

There was a strong entry but luckily we managed to show Teki to a res.CAC/CACIB, so this was good.

If there is one dog who is an excellent shower it is Teki. Not one moment he puts one food out of place! But it was obviously not enough to cheer me up.

Hmm, it looks like if I was not the only one with a bad mood that day...

Oh, just look how sweet Teki was and didn't he showed his little heart out? (despite his owners bad behavior!)

We had more luck with Bientje and she won the CAC/CACIB for bitches. This win gave her the title Dutch Champion.

Judge Hans Hilverda going over Bientje on the table

Have a good look at the following picture...Is this a picture of a breeder who's bitch just finished her title?


With the winter coming up we hope Teki will get his lovely coat back and we hopefully will be able to finish him later this winter. We still have to concentrate on Bientje and Korolevich for their last CACIB somewhere in december to finish them properly International Champions. So this story is going to be continued.....



On sunday the 5th of november we had the International Dogshow of Bleiswijk.
Judge for the day was Mr E. Hulme from Great Britain. We had entered Teki and Kitty.

It was a pleasant day. We even met Mrs Yokopenic from the Shannon Kennel in the USA. She was over in company of a friend and we had a nice talk about Chins. It is always pleasant to meet people who are involved in the breed and take the bother to travel thousands of miles to see..., yes more Chins!

Teki was entered in the Open Class. He won his class and the CAC/CACIB for the day. Mr Hulme's report mentioned Teki's lovely balance, lay of shoulder and Teki's attitude in the ring. Such commends from a respected UK judge like Mr Hulme are always welcome!

Teki at the show, his coat is coming back and he is starting to look smashing again!

Kitty didn't show well at all. Something had spooky her and she refused to carry her tail over her back. Naturally she didn't get more then "Very Good". Hmm, we have to start training her a little better!!
Still, Teki got the BOB and this, together with his CAC/CACIB win made it a lovely day. He is on three tickets now and hopefully we will be able to finish him soon.


World Dog Show 2006, Poznan-Poland

From 9th till 12th of november 2006 the World Dog Show was held in Poznan, Poland. Poznan is just across the border with Germany so we decided to give it a try and had entered Korolevich (Champion Class Dogs), Kitty( Junior Class Bitches) and Bientje (Champion Class Bitches).
It promised to be a very special event, not only was it the World Show but the committee had invited the Breed Specialist Mr Izumi Awashima from Japan to judge the breed.
With 60 Chins there was a good entry and the dogs came from all over Europe. First of our threesome to be shown was Korolevich.

The Champion Class was a lovely class with many beautiful dogs. We managed to end at the third place and were happy with that as numbers 2 and 1 really stood out.

Next was Little Kitty. Still not a 100% certain of herself as we would like her to be, she showed quite well and with this in mind we were very happy with the result of her being placed 3 too.

The picture above shows the winners of the Junior Class Bitches, a very happy Mrs Goepel from Germany, Mrs Kurittu with her girl who's first show it was and Kitty and me.

The last to be shown was Bientje in Champion Class Bitches. It was a tuff class with competition from Russia, a USA bred bitch but living in Holland, Denmark, Italy and Finland.

Bientje won this class so got the Polish CAC and is now Polish Champion.

Second in Champion Class was the beautiful bitch Roseheaven's Jade Mermaid, bred and owned by Mrs G. Hojer from Denmark.

But the day wasn't finished yet. Bientje had to compete for the title of Best Bitch and the CACIB and the title of World Winner 2006. But not only did she win this, she also beat Mrs G.Kovalevskaya's and Mrs T. Romanovskaya's Champion dog Aikemuno Nissan Blue-Berd for the BOB.

Bientje winning the BOB under judge Mr Izumi Awashima from Japan

After all the excitement there was time for chat and pictures!!! It had been such a lovely day with so many beautiful Chins entered. Winning this was (and is!) super. But it was also nice to see the offspring of our CH Chinart Tomi-Oka ( who is exported to the Hin Satori Kennel of Elena Shevchenko in Russia) doing so well in the Junior Classes.

Elena with half brother and sister. CH Chinart Imperatritsa Ekaterina and CH Homerbrent Shin Shi (both from our bitch Chinart Hitomi).

Yes, and what do you do after this..... You are happy, very happy and honored by all the things Mr Awashima said about Bientje. Not only Bientjes pretty head was seen, also here balance and construction. Things that are of up most importance to us in our breeding program. This being rewarded by Mr Awashima is a very big gift and we would like to thank him again for the honor he did by rewarding us with the

After this there is one thing you can do best... You go back to your hotel, take a glass of port wine with your dear friend Ingrid Tempelman, who as ever, is such a great help and support and find your little Kitty exhausted on the bed beside you....

It was a great experience!



On Saturday the 25th of November we had our last dog show (that we had entered) for this year. It was the Amsterdam Winner, Holland's most important show. See it as England's Crufts and America's Westminster. A show really to look forward to and so we did. With Teki and Kitty entered under judge Mr. R. Vuorinen from Finland.

Unfortunately, Teki didn't do very well. He was second in the Open Class dogs. Such a shame as he showed very well and is in full coat again. Well, next time better.

Much better were Kitty's results. She was entered in the Youth Class. So if she would win she would get the title of Youth Winner 2006. Keeping in mind how bad she showed at the last two shows we kept our fingers crossed. Well, Ingrids training certainly put this lady back on track again! She showed her little heart out! Not is the best of coats as she is meant to be in season in two months but that didn't bother Mr Vuorinen at all.
He gave her a first-excellent and this gave her the title Youth Winster 2006. Super!!

But she had to come back to compete with the winners of the Intermediate, the Open and the Champion Classes for the CAC on offer. She also won this, giving her a second title: Winster 2006 and the CAC for bitches (she didn't get the CACIB as she is too young for that).
The CAC that is given at the Winner Show is a "double" so little Kitty has 4 CAC's at the tender age of 18 months!

What a lovely way to finish our shows for 2006! It certainly has been a super year with several champion titles, two Res BIS's, a World Champion (with BOB) and finally Kitty's Youth Winner and Winner title!

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