In 2005 we concentrated on showing two chins, Korolevich and Bientje.


Korolevich started 2005 with 3 CAC's and a Youth Winner Title that he had won at the three shows we had entered him in 2004. Not bad for a dog who was 15 months at the end of 2004.

In Holland we need 4 CAC's to finish a dog AFTER the age of 27 months, so we felt it is silly to campaign Korolevich a lot in 2005 when it will take till 2006 to really finish him. So we only showed him at shows that we thought we should enter like the Toy Dog Show, the Championship Club Show and the Winner in Amsterdam.

The Toy Dog Show under judge H. Almgren was not a success with a "4-very good" in Youth Class but the Championship Club Show under H. Hilverda was nice. Here he won the res. CAC and because the CAC went to a dog who is already a Champion, he got the full CAC.
The Winner in Amsterdam was really good. Korolevich's co-owner, Elena Shevchenko, came over from Russia to show him under judge Mrs M. van Brempt and he won the CAC, CACIB and Winner Title which made our day!

Korolevich (right) with his kennel mate Chinart Imperatritsa Ekaterina.
Judge Mrs M.van Brempt, Elena Shevchenko and Peter van Baaren-Grob.



The real star for 2005 is our bitch Chinart Imperatritsa Ekaterina (Bientje). She started her show career at the Dutch Toy Breed Show with a big BANG!.
She was only just 9 months here when shown under judge H. Almgren and was given the CAC and BOB from Youth Class. We were delighted but later that day she had to compete for BIS and at her early age she managed to get 6th BIS.

Bientje being judged at the Dutch Toy Breed Show

From this show on she decided to love the show ring and we showed her for 4 more shows:

- EASTER SHOW (CAC, CACIB Show) Judge Mr B. Bosch: CAC and BOB
- ROTTERDAM SHOW (CAC, CACIB Show) Judge Mr Degenhardt: CAC and BOB
- CHAMPIONSHIP CLUB SHOW Judge Mr A. Hilverda: CAC and BOB 4th BIS

Chinart Imperatritsa Ekaterina (left) with her soul mate Korolevich (right).
Judge Mrs M.van Brempt, Elena Shevchenko and Peter van Baaren-Grob.

The results at this years Winner Show were just too good to believe. Two dogs entered and two titles won. For both our dogs it was also their first CACIB title which means that from this date on we can start trying to make them International Champions too.

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