Over the years I have written several articles concerning Chins. Two of them were translated in english and got published, first in breed society's news letters and later even in USA's TOP NOTCH TOY magazine.
The first article, here shown, is "Japanese Chins, the Essence of Grace..".
The main point in this article is the fact that worldwide we have three breed standards which diver quite a bit.
For instance, how can we breed one type of Chin when we breed level (or even scissor) bites in Europe and under shots in the US? Tri-colour coats and beautiful sables shades who both get negative critics by some FCI trained judges?

Written the article I hoped for an international discussion. This did happen, perhaps not immediately with the "Essence of Grace" article but certainly with the second article:"Coat Colour Inheritance in Chins".
I realize that there are many ways to inter pretend coat colour inheritance. Especially in the USA there are different ideas about it and everybody is allowed to have their own ideas about the subject. But for me Clarence Little "The Inheritance of Coat Colour in Dogs" works perfectly well and the past 15 years of breeding reds (in all sorts of shades, 7 generations now) have given me enough evidence to follow Littles ideas.

The articles here published are originally published in the UK Chin Year Book of 2000.

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