Welcome, you have entered the Chinart web site. We are a small Dutch Chin kennel that has it residence in Arnhem. Although our country's name "the Netherlands" means "Low Lands", we actually live on top of one of the spare hills that exists in our country.

Our front and back garden

I owned my first dog way back in the 80-ties. Studying Environmental Art Design at Arnhem College of Modern Art I wanted to have a buddy. Juliėtte, a blind rescue poodle came into my life. I got her when she was already twelve but she lived happily for another six years.

Being scared for the future days without Juliėtte I decided to buy one of these funny toy dogs I saw at a local show. In came Tjinta, my first Japanese Chin. Tjinta was quickly followed by Quintin the King Charles.

With Tjinta and Quintin my love for keeping dogs and showing them occasionally only grew and I decided to follow classes given by our Dutch Kennel Club. This was quickly followed by training sessions for dog judging and I now am qualified to judge Chins and Boston Terriers at FCI level.

During that period I went to Crufts and saw something that still gives me 'Goose Skin' when I think off it. It was this little bundle off prettiness, attitude and type.... I was simply smitten.
This little Chin turned out to be Homerbrent Roteki, bred by Mrs Molly Coaker and shown/co-owned by Mrs Vincent and -at the day- shown in puppy class.

CH Homerbrent Roteki (Tina for friends) as a puppy

About a year later I was able to collect my first Homerbrent Chin from Mrs Coaker. His name was Homerbrent Vanestica Akira. It was love first sight.

Akira at 5 months of age

After Akira, over the years, many Homerbrents followed. They form the foundation of my kennel. But apart from all the dogs given by Mrs Coaker, she also had the patients to learn me how to breed chins, how to keep the type and set a "breeding goal".

Akira brought me to many foreign shows and it was at one of these shows I met Vincenzo Bruzese and Onorino Bertan from Italy. They were showing their chins and over the years we became close friends. All our dogs are co-owned but our prefixes (Chinart in The Netherlands and Shelduck in Italy) are separately registered by the FCI.

Onorino's doggie quarters in Caltana-Venice

Chinart tries to keep the number of chins around seven. This way we are able to give all seven full attention. Our chins live in the house, have unlimited access to the garden and get woodland walks at least twice a day.

We plan our breeding very carefully. We try to keep our line as close as possible to true Japanese type. Of course, showing Chins is fun, but first of all they are our pets and our life.

We would like to invite you to go through our web site. Enjoy our dogs as much as we do and feel free to contact either one of us if you have any questions about them.

Peter van Baaren-Grob, The Netherlands
Onorino Bertan, Italy
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